Copy trade account allows customers who have no time to trade for themselves or are inexperienced, to copy an experienced trader with a proven track record.

Keys to note regarding copy trader accounts:

  • No returns are guaranteed and, you might lose all capital invested.
  • Track record does not guarantee same results.
  • Client will be able to view positions running but cannot modify the positions.
  • Client needs to give 5 trading days’ notice in order to be detached to the copy trader account.
  • Withdrawals on the copy trader account are done once a month or according to an agreement signed between the client and the Master Account Holder
  • The account holder (the “Trader”) hereby authorizes CyberFX to replicate all trades executed on the Master Account indicated above on the Trader’s account established with CyberFX (the “Account” and “CyberFX. and/or its Affiliates, to the fullest extent permitted subject to and in accordance with CyberFX terms and conditions with Trader, for the Trader’s account and risk and in the Trader’s name or number on CyberFX books and records. The Trader hereby accepts that he/she has a full understanding of the Copy-Trade system.
    Without prejudice to the above, the Trader acknowledges and understands that further to the Terms and Conditions, CyberFX is upon receipt of this COPY-TRADING AUTHORIZATION authorized to follow the instructions of the Master Account in every respect with regard to the Account.
    The Trader acknowledges that there is a risk factor in trading Foreign Exchange and/or CFDs, and therefore the Trader further acknowledges that she/he would not hold CyberFX responsible for any losses which he/she may incur.
    In consideration for the Master Account’s services hereunder, The Trader agrees to pay the Master Account the charges per the agreement and, in accordance with the Terms and Conditions, authorises CyberFX to pay such charges on the Trader’s behalf to the Master Account.
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