$250 - $1000
Deposit Bonus 25%
$1001 - $3500
Deposit Bonus 35%
$3501 - $7500
Deposit Bonus 50%
$7501 - $12500
Deposit Bonus 75%
$12501 -
Deposit Bonus 100%


Cyber FX’s deposit bonus is available to all clients who deposit $250 and over. The bonus will be credited on each qualifying deposit. Please note that the Bonus cannot be withdrawn. The Deposit Bonus is only available on 3 deposits per month maximum.

Bonus funds Terms & Conditions:

  • The Bonus is available for a period of 30 days from the deposit date OR at the first withdrawal after the bonus has been credited.
  • Bonus funds are only valid when traded with a least 100% of the deposited capital used to obtain the aforesaid bonus.
  • Profits generated from trades done with Bonus funds alone will not be paid out.
  • Internal transfer to landing/dashboard account is deemed as a withdrawal out of the MT4 trading account
  • Cyber FX reserves the right to change Bonus Funds Terms & Conditions without giving prior notice.
  • Cyber FX reserves the right to cancel the bonus given at any moment should we suspect foul play or unfair practices
  • Bonus is only available on 3 deposits per month
  • You can spin the wheel only once per day.
  • If you win, you can claim your deposit bonus within limited time 
  • To claim: forward us your win code with a proof of deposit 
  • The deposit bonus must be accompanied by a deposit of at least $250 
  • Cyber reserves the right to cancel the bonus if cheating is suspected 
  • Recycling of funds will disqualify you from receiving a deposit bonus

Bonus Terms & Conditions v1.12 – 26 November  2018

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